File Upload 6/14/2019

E3 2019 Was Disappointing

Written by Colter Hawks This year there were a lot of things missing. Apart from the absence of some of the industries biggest presenters, such as PlayStation, EA and Activision, E3 2019 lacked the shock factor we’ve all come to know. E3 is that time of the year we as gamers should be most excited for; learning what the developers of our favorite games have in-store for us next. A lot of the time they would announce games, consoles and updates that we could only dream of. This year, we had little to none of that. I’ll break it down to how I felt about the announcements. The Great Of course not all of E3 was terrible. This year birthed a new meme with Keanu Reeves showing up to the event after being revealed in CD Projekt Red’s new future dystopian game, Cyberpunk 2077 only seconds before. The crowd went wild, I went wild. It was absolutely “Breathtaking.” Honestly though, we got the release date for the long awaited game and a good look at what the game will be like. Another great announcement, more in terms of what it means for gaming in general, was Xbox’s announcement of their new console, Project Scarlett. Made by the same team that brought us the Xbox One X, Project Scarlett raises the bar even higher. Xbox was touting 8k graphics, 120fps and an SSD built from the ground up with AMD; this console is optimized for gaming. Most importantly though, games on Project Scarlett will all be cross-play compatible (at least with PC, we’re still waiting to hear what Sony does). Scarlett will also work with all of your current Xbox One games and accessories. This comes to show that Xbox and Microsoft really want to bring the gaming community together and they’re giving players the option to play on the devices they choose. The Good Some of the announcements were good, but simply not great mostly because they weren’t that huge of a surprise. For instance, Nintendo announced a sequel to Breath of the Wild. Honestly I saw this coming from a mile away and the announcement, although exciting, didn’t stick with me. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was also announced with couch co-op. The couch co-op is why this game got this high on the list. I do enjoy Luigi’s Mansion, but again not exactly unforeseen and I personally don’t rate it on the hype scale as the other, but being able to play with your significant other, child or best friend, that alone is very good news. Ubisoft and Bethesda had some interesting announcements in light of some new IPs. From Bethesda, we got a trailer for GhostWire: Tokyo. The game is being developed by the same team that made The Evil Within, and although it is an action/adventure game at heart, you can expect that developer Tango Gameworks will add in their flare of horror as well. From Ubisoft, the team who made Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are coming out with a new game called Gods and Monsters. The game has a very Breath of the WIld vibe to it, but set in Greek mythology. The game will feature puzzles, dungeons and heroic feats along your journey to save the gods. The ‘Meh’ The majority of the entire event I had this response. Whether it be Banjo Kazooie coming to Smash Ultimate or Watch Dogs: Legion This category surmised the problem with E3 2019; again, not that every game shown off was bad, but simply it wasn’t a new announcement or it had no shock factor. For instance, Bethesda talked about DOOM Eternal. Personally, I’m super hyped for that game, but not much was said or given to us that I either didn’t expect or surprised me. However I can’t wait to get my hands on it at Quakecon in July. Also, Fallout 76 is finally getting an update it should have had at launch, where the game is getting NPCs in the world. Maybe this will bring some of the player base back, or is the damage too deep? The Bad… oh so very bad. Crystal Dynamics is making an Avengers game. Not only that, but it doesn’t even look or sound remotely good. Apart from the B-list voice actors, the game looks like it should have been released 10 years ago. Unless they have some crazy tech they didn’t show off at E3, this title is going to be nothing more than a sh** storm that only 5-8 year olds will get because they’re parents saw Marvel slapped on the case and figured it was kid friendly.