File Upload 6/14/2019

I Started Playing Destiny 2 Again

Written by Colter Hawks I love Destiny, as a game and a story. Bungie has created one of the best looter shooters on the market and with good reason. The game feels great; guns and movement flow very well (a trademark of Bungie if you will. However, at the beginning of Forsaken, their year 2 expansion, I found myself bored rather quickly. Okay maybe bored isn’t the right word… frustrated? When I stopped playing back in October, the game felt dull to me. The crucible was shotguns galore and there wasn’t a lot of build options to compete for top loadout. They added in 3 new skill trees for each subclass, but to get two of the items needed to unlock them you had to either got one from an RNG based event or by completing the raid. I farmed the soul well for a solid 6 hours one day and never got that item. When I got burnt out on farming materials or other things on planets I would go to the crucible. As I said, the amount of shotguns being used was ridiculous. I for one, don’t like to use the shotgun. Not that they’re bad, but it’s not my cup of tea. I’d much rather use a pulse rifle, a hand cannon, or a fusion rifle. This over saturation of shotgun use, made crucible unplayable for me, and that was mostly due to how strong shotguns were then and how weak everything else was compared to them. I lost the gumption to play anymore and I stepped away. I played other games, other shooters, and even after a few months, I never got the gumption back. Recently Destiny 2 had a huge content update. The Menagerie opened and players got to go back to the Leviathan to complete the final raid layer. This intrigued me and after a bit of pushing from my clan mates, I jumped back in to see what the fuss was about. Immediately on return I did the new quests to bump my light level up to 690. After that, my clan ran me through the raid content I had missed out on. I have to say, it felt great raiding in Destiny again. After we finished the dreaming city raid, I was hooked once again. They got rid of the RNG for the item I needed from the soul well, and I finally had all of by new trees unlocked on my Hunter. Weapon balancing changed the crucible all for the better. Recently I got The Last Word hand cannon and I’m working on Thorn, a gun from the first game, and although it isn’t as strong in PvP this time around, it makes up for it in PvE.. I recently ran through the Menagerie with my clan and we’re ready to tackle the new raid soon. Bungie, you’re doing great things with this game and I can’t wait for the next expansion, Shadowkeep, in September… Moon’s Haunted. For those of you who haven’t tried Destiny 2 out yet you are in luck. Come September the base game and all expansions leading up to Shadowkeep will become free to play and will be available to download on the Steam Marketplace. Happy hunting, Guardians!