File Upload 4/19/2019

The Nebraska Esports Festival - State Battle in League of Legends

Written by Colter Hawks The Nebraska Esports Gaming Festival is right around the corner and teams are gearing up to take home the trophy in our League of Legends tournament. Two teams that stand out for this event are two Nebraska teams. Bellevue University, where the event is being held, will be pitting their team against Fremont based team, Midland Warriors. There is always a sense of pride when competing against other teams from the same city, but I think it means more when they’re from the same state. It becomes city against city, which one wins will define how spectators feel about each. I know that I took state competitions more seriously in all the sports I competed in when I was in school. In this case it’s also Universities, so high school students who are looking for esports programs could potentially make their choice based on that weekend. Both colleges have been competing in the RIOT College LoL series, an online tournament supported by Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends. The skill they’ve developed over the course of that tournament will be put up to the test at the Nebraska Esports Gaming Festival. Come out and watch the battle unfold and play some games yourself with free-play computers and consoles. Also, try winning some money yourselves in our other tournaments, information those can be found on the event page of our website. The festival takes place April 27th and 28th at Bellevue University, don’t miss out! Tickets -