File Upload 5/2/2019

Planet Comicon Kansas City and Nebraska Gaming Festival RECAP

Written by Colter Hawks At the end of March we lugged our way up to Kansas City to host esports tournaments at Planet Comicon on their 20th anniversary. The weekend was long and painstaking but ultimately we achieved our goal and brought a great experience for attendees where they could either play or watch the tournaments live. Over the weekend we hosted tournaments for League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike, challenges for Fortnite and Apex Legends, and various fighting games. Attendees were able to walk into our two locations, one upstairs and one downstairs. Upstairs was our main stage where con goers could sit down and watch the action while the teams playing sat right in front of them. There were also free-play PCs and the stage for select fighting game tournaments. This was by far the largest event we have been apart of and it was very exciting to show such a large audience what Midwest eSports can bring. We tried a lot of new things at Planet Comicon, specifically on the production side. We had audience members come on stage to duke it out 1v1 in Overwatch, or to play a 5v5 ARAM in League of Legends. We gave the decision making power to the fans, making choices on what champions can be played. It was a lot of fun and is something we would love to continue doing at future events. Counter Strike had a long weekend, with the teams staying well past event hours to make sure the tournament ended on time. One of the shining moments for us was our League of Legends stream was being broadcast on the jumbotron in the middle of the convention center, it made us all very giddy. League of Legends ended the weekend with the mainstage moving to the ballroom of the event where the University of Texas at Dallas battled it out against the University of St. Mary. In the end UTD won and took home the gold, but it was a great series for both teams. Planet Comicon Kansas City was great and we learned a lot on what more we can do as a company to bring to you the gamers and audience a greater experience each time we do it. This past weekend, Midwest eSports drove up to Bellevue, Nebraska to hold the Nebraska Esports Gaming Festival. The two day event took place at Bellevue University; the same place where we held the event last year. Apart from a few hiccups, Nebraska once again treated us with a smooth event. League of Legends, Halo 3 and Smash Bros. Ultimate all had tournaments for the weekend. As always we brought along the Fortnite Challenge which always gets a lot of attention, if you haven’t tried it before, I recommend you come test your mettle at our next event. League of Legends featured two university teams and a brand new high school team. The high school team had players that have been playing for under a year, and I commend their bravery for standing up against seasoned players. They didn’t make it to the final, but I’m sure they got a lot of experience and VODs they can learn from. Keep pressing on Holdrege High, we’ll see you on Summoner’s Rift again! The final came down between Home Squad Bellevue University and Midland University. In the end Midland walked out victorious and the tournament was concluded. Smash Bros. had over 30 players signed up. Ultimate continues to be one of our largest tournament turnouts and we love every bit of it. The Halo 3, 2v2 tournament took place on Sunday and was the final tournament to wrap up the event. We’re excited that our Halo tournaments are starting to get more popular and we’re giving it more focus in order to make it the best experience we can offer. Thank you Bellevue University for allowing us to use your venue, we love it and hope to see you again next year!