File Upload 5/9/2019

The International 2019 Dota 2 Battle Pass

Written by Colter Hawks 5/9/2019 The Dota 2 International 2019 Battle Pass came out this week for all dota 2 players to buy and dive in on the rewards. As per usual, Valve dumps $1.6 million into the prize pool on release. If you don’t know how the battle pass (compendium in the past) works, for every purchase of the pass or market items related to it, 25% of the proceeds are funneled directly into the prize pool for The International. At the time of this writing, the battle pass is just two days old and we’re now nearing $9 million. Last year’s pool toppled over $25 million and I believe we’re going to see an even higher number this year. I wrote an article a few months ago talking about the International prize pools going into detail about each increase in money and what we could expect going into TI9. I initially stated that if Valve needed to that they would likely throw in more money to make sure the trend of the prize pool getting larger year to year stayed true. However I don’t think they will need to. If you’ve looked at the battle pass, you know this one is awesome. Honestly, myself who hasn’t played Dota in years, downloaded the game to start playing again. I imagine I’m not alone and that many are doing just that. The International is a huge event and Valve makes sure they bring their A game when it comes to giving the players cosmetics that add a lot of shine and flare. For instance, Fisticuffs Axe, weird flex but okay. The guy named Axe, puts his...axe down and uses only his fists. Honestly it doesn’t get more Axe than that. There are tons of awesome items that come from the battle pass and chests, tempting players old and new to shill out that dosh to get the best items, and let’s not forget, 25% of all of those transactions are fed into the prize pool. And at the rate it’s already rising I think it will easily reach $26 million. Link to preview -